Tuesday, January 13, 2009

June Laws Family Photo Collage

There was some discussion through past emails about whether to spell Lucy Cordelia Johnson's nickname "Lou" or "Lu." (I think) I determined it was "Lu."


  1. From Marlene: Grandma Lu's nickname was Lu. Lou Ann asked mom (Marva) one time why she was Lou, and mom told her that since they named her after both grandmas they dropped the a on Anna and added an o in Lu. That is the story.

  2. I'm sitting here talking to Kent and he remembers that he often saw Grandma Lu "fill a pint jsr at a time from nose bleeds. That's a lot of blood to lose at once and she did it day after day. I think about that when I drive past their house in Blanding." They lived in the house west of the Bayles appts.