Monday, October 26, 2009

'Behind' the photos ...

Fern is on the left. Now, for those of you who wonder why it has taken me so long to post photos from Fern's books ... I have been stalling, thinking that I'd fix the photos first, identify them, make them all pretty and "printable" ... But, I have changed my mind.  This photo and the photos below are typical of Fern and her friends: a funny, crazy lot. And the fact that Fern wrote all over her photos (I don't know who doctored the eyes on this one), and even cut herself out of photos when she didn't like her picture is Grandma and therefore, history, too.

I interviewed Marva, Georgan and Fern many years ago about some of the "capers" they got into.  They all were in their late 60s at the time, and they were all laughing so hard I thought Grandma was going to pee her pants. (Which, as you know, we wouldn't put past Grandma.) I'll post that interview sometime soon!  It is great fun.  I am hoping to find the audio in my stuff to post, too; if not, I hope Blue Mountain Shadows has it in their archives.

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