Monday, March 22, 2010

Jane Cadwallader Brown Johnson photo

This photo was reproduced from a pedigree chart belonging to Fern Laws Palmer. 

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  1. Klayne and I went to the DUP museum and found the following story about Jane's father, William Abiah Brown:

    When he was 16 years old, he ran away from home to work on a ship, which he did for two years. In those two years, they sailed all over the world and were in three shipwrecks. In the last shipwreck, the survivors were in a life boat. Only four of them were still alive when a pirate boat came up to them and rescued them. However, the pirates weren't being benevolent. They merely recognized free merchandise when they saw it and took Abiah and his companions to Turkey, where they were sold into slavery. Two years later, Abiah escaped on a British ship and made his way home, in Ohio. He apologized to his mother, who sent him to medical school. Abiah fell in love with a pretty little Quaker girl, Abby Cadwallader, but Abiah's mother had picked out one of her wealthy friends' daughters for him to marry. When he wouldn't, she disowned him, and Abiah and Abby were married.

    Fascinating life, huh!