Sunday, June 12, 2011

Letter from Lurlene Barton to her mother, 1940

This letter was found in Fern Laws Palmer's things. (Fern had traced over the original writing because it was very faint which is why you may be seeing double.) The letter is from her sister, Lurlene Laws Barton, to their mother, Lucy Cordelia Johnson Laws, in 1940. To me it shows Lurlene's love for her mother, her fun personality, and an example of how to do the washing for your mother without her taking offense! Great Aunt Lurlene in this letter reminds me of my own mother, Lurlene Palmer Gutke, Fern's daughter. - Deniane Kartchner  :)

"My most honorable and Dearly Beloved Mother Seeing as how it looks like Snow methinks I shall wash this day beginning as soon as possible. And as I haven't so much washing and were not going to be very busy will you please and kindly be for sending me yours. (Don't worry I have got an ax to grind and I'll give you plenty of chances to get even.) I'd like it bright and early on this the 10th day of June in the year of our Lord 1940 --

Yours Resp

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