Thursday, July 12, 2012

Francis G. Laws, San Juan County Sheriff 1973

Francis G. Laws San Juan County Sheriff

I found the link to this awesome photo on San Juan Mortuary's memorial page.

Ken has taken some FABULOUS photos of Blanding folks. The photos were taken in 1972-73 and are part of "They Call It Home: The Southeastern Utah Collection."  The photos all have this awesome retro feel to them... Made my day to just look through all of them! Check out Ken's website and see who you find!!!!

Here are some of the names: Galbraith, H. J. Kartchner (I love this photo!), Cardon Jones, Von Hunt, Charlie Sipes, Dorothy Nielson, William Riley Hurst, Rigby Wright, DeReese Nielson and his cowboys, Justin and Blanche Black, Olin and Hazel Oliver, Phillip and Mable Hurst, Britta Bradford, Herman Butt, Pearl Butt, Ida Nielson, Iva Hatch, Sam Shore and Son, Gordon Hawkins family, Kelly Laws and friends, Mike Acton. 

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  1. I am quite pleased the family has the opportunity to see this photograph I made of Francis in 1973. I never knew if he ever saw it. I am working with Gary L. Shumway on a book of the photos I made back then and would very much like more information about Francis to include with this image. Please contact me at or 1-503 516-5003.
    Thanks, Ken Hochfeld